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Hello, I’m over here! Can I come in please?

Written by: Nigel Russell

22 November 2012

I was fortunate enough to attend the recent Forrester "Outside In" conference on customer experience management. How refreshing to hear people spending two full days thinking and talking about their customers and how important they are. What struck me was that it is simple common sense to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and look at your organisation from their perspective. But how often do organisations really do this? Clearly not enough! Sure, most companies have a customer satisfaction programme in which they ask their customers once in a while "how's it going" and "please give me a ...Read more

Tags: digital media | creative | user experience | design | customer experience

Filming bananas in the office...or the 'Creative Hackathon' afternoon

Written by: Stuart Neale

29 October 2012

Ouch! The department hot potato ended up in my hands this autumn when it fell to me to organise the quarterly Creative Forum. It’s a regular event we hold for the ‘Creative’ team (strategy, UX, design and front-end dev) within Digital Media, spread over two locations, London and Gloucester. So how do you keep a large group of creative people interested for a whole afternoon, without doing the usual ‘sit and listen’ business activities? I really wanted to do something a bit different, get a bit of energy going and give an incentive for ...Read more

Tags: creative | digital media | ux | user experience | customer experience

Imagining the socially connected business

Written by: Rhys Davies

19 October 2012

I must admit I'm quite seduced by the idea of a socially connected business. I think it would be great if we all worked in environments that helped us intelligently link to the right person with the right knowledge at the right time. Sounds like fantasy right, but let’s imagine a scenario. Say you’ve been asked to write a document and some of the content is outside of your area of expertise, so you need some help to fact check what you have produced. How would you solve that situation today? You could ask those around ...Read more

Tags: social business | digital media | creative | ux | customer experience

How I came to rekindle my love for the conference

Written by: Justin K Small

27 September 2012

I work in Digital. Nothing spectacular in that due to the fact that nearly everyone you meet these days also works in digital (I am guessing it was the same in the 19th century with the invention of the internal combustion engine where every second person you met must have been a mechanic of some sort!). A side-effect of working in digital is the number of conferences one has to (or should) attend in order to supposedly 'keep up' with what is happening. After all, if digital does nothing else it does change rather quickly. And a side-effect of going ...Read more

Tags: digital media | creative

VIVA LA REVOLUTION DIGITAL! and why middle-age digital revolutionaries will inherit the Org

Written by: Justin K Small

25 September 2012

I recently chaired AdTech London and I got very excited about the great case studies that were presented over the two days.  We had some very clever people and some very successful brands, from the UK and abroad, come and share their ideas about the future of digital and show some good old digital best practice. And it was great to see digital in practice. By necessity, due to the amazing pace of change, there is a lot of theory in Digital I find.  What we need more of is ...Read more

Tags: digital media | design | customer experience | user experience | visual design