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Cyber Crime and Financial Crime: The Two Become One

Written by: Administrator

20 November 2013

The convergence of cyber crime and financial crime is becoming a major issue for global organisations as cyber criminals are increasingly combining techniques for one efficient and effective hack. The evidence for the surge in financial cyber crime couldn’t be more “front page” news after charges were brought against the five men responsible for the biggest cyber fraud case in history, which included a Visa Inc. licensee, J.C. Penney Co, and Nasdaq. With losses estimated at $300 million, this calculated attack highlights how the merging of cyber crime and financial crime is at the core of ...Read more

Tags: cyber | cyber security | cyber attack | bae systems detica | financial crime

Taking control: Defence-grade cyber security for in-house analysts

Written by: David Garfield

02 May 2013

It has been widely acknowledged that enterprises today face a range of cyber adversaries intent on stealing high-value information or disrupting critical services in order to inflict damage or to gain unfair competitive advantage. Whilst traditional defences such as AV and firewalls remain important (particularly for traditional threats), it should be remembered that these have been proven relatively easy to circumvent by the determined cyber adversary. Therefore, more and more organisations are responding by proactively monitoring their infrastructure to detect targeted attackers that have successfully gained access. The objective is simple: to find, investigate and respond effectively to attacks before ...Read more

Tags: cyber | cyberreveal®

Cyber threat group re-emerges: BAE Systems Detica detects re-emergence of activity by most prolific Chinese threat group

Written by: David Garfield

23 April 2013

One of the top cyber stories of 2013 has undoubtedly been the disclosure in February of alleged connections between a clandestine espionage group and a Chinese military unit in Shanghai. Whilst we can't comment on the validity of this connection, we can state that the espionage group in question went immediately quiet on the day of this revelation and that neither we nor our contacts have seen activity since. Until now that is - when Detica researchers picked up the first signs that the group may be re-starting their espionage campaigns.Detica researchers have obtained a copy of malware that has ...Read more

Tags: cyber | cyber security

Education, education, education: global centre for cyber security opened at the University of Oxford

Written by: David Garfield

15 April 2013

At Detica, we’ve long advocated the importance of education and of raising awareness around cyber threats, so it was encouraging to see the announcement that a global centre for cyber security will be opened at the University of Oxford. The centre will work to help countries develop comprehensive plans to deal with online threats and share best practice, and is an important addition to the UK’s growing cyber security operation. Having active research and academia more formally engaged in cyber security is a key component to developing an effective response to the malicious cyber threats that ...Read more

Tags: cyber | cyber security

Public and private sector collaboration – CISP: a necessary step to repel cyber threats?

Written by: David Garfield

05 April 2013

At Detica we have long advocated the importance of private and public sector collaboration in combating cyber crime, so we were pleased to see last week’s launch of the UK Cyber Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) - a Government and industry partnership to share information and intelligence on cyber security threats. The launch follows a successful pilot scheme which included over 160 companies across a range of UK sectors. Sharing best practice is an essential part of combating any threat, and this is especially the case with cyber attacks where threats are unfamiliar and ephemeral, ...Read more

Tags: cyber | cyber attack | cisp | partnership